Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Scriptwriter + Director
Production : Zuiderzee Museum (Nl)
Curators : Jan Boelen (Z33), Evelien Bracke

This project, developed by students from the Design Academy Eindhoven, brings together the traditional crafts of coopering and beer-brewing. It encourages young people to turn their hand to the dying art of cooperage. Buying and drinking locally-brewed beer encourages trainee coopers to specialise in cooperage.


Directed by : Alexandre Humbert
Production : Zuiderzee Museum

with : Ron Annes
Music composer: Arnaud Pujol
Design concept by : Annegret Bönemann, Chris Kooper
Mentor : Rianne Makkink
Curators : Jan Boelen (Z33), Evelien Bracke

This film was made within the context of the exhibition Studio ZZM from 1 April 2017 to 6 May 2018 in Zuiderzee Museum.