Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Scriptwriter + Director
Production : LUMA
Designer : Lucia Babina

The Griffeuille Food Circle project is an exploratory investigation using food-related knowledge and edible resources. In close collaboration with local experts from this Arlesian neighbourhood, the project tests several ideas around food waste, food cycles, local gardening, food accessibility, and shared kitchens. This initiative uses food’s inherent potential as a social connector while drawing on existing communities to create stronger links and exchanges between individuals, foster a sense of belonging, promote sharing and learning, and advocate for stronger circular economies.


Film Designer : Alexandre Humbert
Production : Atelier LUMA supported by LUMA Foundation

With :
Marine Buu (Solid’Arles)
Lucia Babina (atelier LUMA)
Bénédicte Hassenlopp (à corps et à plantes)
Monica Michel (EM)
Fatima Benamer