Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Conceptual Designer
Client : MUDAM

This project is a commision from the MUDAM Luxembourg for the «Never for money, Always for love» exhibtion which will take place from April 2nd to June 26th 2014.


Based on a crisis context, on the beautiful annalysis of Hans Rosling about the impact of the washing machine in our daily life and on our dif culty to look at production method, we decide to use electrical object which are at the service of everybody as a tools of production.

Looking at the washing machine, an object that you can nd in most of the household but also in self service, to produce object. The design process consist to work with a material, wool, and place it in a washing machine to create objects. The washing machine as a mold, the washing machine as magical object, the washing ma- chine as a dream, the design process put into a washing machine..

What will happen if all the industry have to close ? We will still have our washing machines.