Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Scriptwriter + Director
Production : Istanbul Design Biennial
Designer : Rianne Makkink

For the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial – A School of Schools, conceptual designer and director Alexandre Humbert has directed a series of films that build upon the idea of lifelong learning. Humbert uses the medium of the smartphone – a learning instrument carried at all times by many of us in our pocket – as a conveyor of information that is updated regularly, and which we can follow throughout various weeks, updating our knowledge. Humbert, who was trained as a product designer and transitioned to filmmaking, operates in the realm of storytelling, using his understanding of the design process to explore the close relationship between humans and objects. His work spans the genres of documentary, fiction and experimental films. For A School of Schools, he has developed a whole new format. We talked to Humbert about Lifelong Learning and the process behind the project.


Production: 4th Istanbul Design Biennial

Curators: Jan Boelen, Vera Sachetti, Nadine Botha

With: Rianne Makkink (Studio Makkink & Bey)

A series of 4 films to watch with a phone by Alexandre Humbert