Faux Raccord

In 1972, Jacques Kalisz designed the Administrative Center of Pantin, nowadays used as the National Center for Dance. 
Considered a major work of brutalism, the building is structured around a central staircase. "Faux Raccord" is a short film that explores the possibility of mistakes as a source for creating new architectures. The film focuses on the central staircase of the building, and changes its perspective. By observing these returned images, the viewer discovers a place that seems familiar but just as unknown; in which the stairs reveal new spaces. A voice, the one of the staircase, tells us his story. The film premiered during Biennale Emergences (11-14 Oct 2018) at National Center for Dance in Pantin, FR.

  • Year


  • Type

    Film installation

  • Role

    • Scriptwriter
    • Director
  • In collaboration with

    Déborah Janssens

  • Production

    • Collective 1992
    • 14 Septembre
  • With the support of

    Royaume des Pays Bas

  • Language


  • Duration


  • Original Music Composition

    Arnaud Pujol

  • Thanks to

    • Centre National de la Danse
    • Biennale Emergences
    • Paul Beaudenuit
    • Frédéric Bouchet
    • Clotilde Colignon
    • Earlwyn Covington
    • Rachel Spengler
    • Thibault Eichenlaub
    • Hélène Prats