One and Three Cabinets

MacGuffin Magazine presents the installation One and Three Cabinet by Alexandre Humbert. With this collaboration, Humbert, the founder of Object Interview, gives a tribute to Joseph Kosuth’s 1965 iconic work One and Three Chairs, exploring the Object Interview-process and relating it to the layered construction of the magazine. The object’s representations, in this case, a cabinet, a film of this cabinet and a fictional story told by the cabinet are combined to create new object narratives.

  • Year


  • Type

    Film installation

  • Role

    • Scriptwriter
    • Director
  • Production

    MacGuffin Magazine

  • Language


  • Duration


  • With

    Billy Nolan

  • Special Thanks

    • Déborah Janssens
    • Kirsten Alegra
    • Ernst van der Hoeven