Sitting might just be what kills you

During the pandemic, all over the world, social distancing pushed governmental organizations, cultural institutions, medical centers, schools, theatres, restaurants, stadiums, transportation structures and private companies to urgently produce graphic signs in order for half of the seats on the planet not to be used. 1000 of this unprecedented intensive production is gathered in this film confronting us to this question: What should we do if sitting might just be what kills us? This film marks the beginning of a long-term research, focusing on the intimate relation existing between Humans and Seats that was abruptly disrupted in January 2020.

  • Year


  • Type

    Short film

  • Role

    • Scriptwriter
    • Director
  • Production

    Studio AH

  • Duration


  • With

    Lou Hacquet-Delepine

  • Research Production & Editing

    Lou Hacquet-Delepine

  • Original Music Composition

    Arnaud Pujol