On September 2nd, 2018, the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro was damaged by a large fire, destroying approximately 18 millions archive pieces. 4 years later, a group of artist, designer, ceramist, researcher, archaeologist gathered in Amazonia, to work on the reproduction of those lost pieces, confronting ceramic traditional making to new technologies, historical wounds to ancestral divinity beliefs.

  • Year


  • Type

    Short film

  • Role

    • Scriptwriter
    • Director
  • Collaboration

    • Unfold Studio
    • Atlas of Lost Finds
  • Production

    Studio AH

  • With the kind support of

    Flanders State of the Arts, Belgium

  • Language

    Portugese, Tukano

  • Duration


The project aims for a holistic approach to cultural conservation that focuses not on the individual artefact but on the stories and values it represents, such as the history of the Amazon and the role of indigenous cosmovision in protecting the forest.

  • Original Music Composition

    Arnaud Pujol

  • Awards

    • Special Mention at Milano Design Film Festival 2024
    • Henry van de Velde Gold Award, Design Research, 2024
  • With

    • Cristiana Baretto
    • Anjo Dely Duarte Da Gama
    • Larissa Ye’Padiho Mota
    • Ronaldo Guedes
    • Helena Pinto Lima
    • Cilene Andrade