Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Scriptwriter+ Director
Production: Lille Design Capital 2020
Curator: Giovanna Massoni

As part of Lille Métropole Capitale Mondiale du Design 2020 - Maison POC Economie Circulaire, Trace 0.0 is a film constructed as an inventory of Le Monastère des Clarisses before any intervention. Left by the last sisters in 2008, preserved by Les Amis du Monastère, this place has been gradually reinvested by Zerm collective since November 2019. This film evokes the passivity of a space emptied of its inhabitants and of its function which calls for transformation. Trace 0.0 should be perceived as an emotion at a very specific time, Monday March 16, 2020. It was filmed the day before a week of rehabilitation which was suddenly canceled that day at 20:00, official confinement announcement in France. So this place will wait, like all of us.


Written & Directed by Alexandre Humbert

Duration: 5min01

Production: Lille Design Capital 2020 & Maison POC Economie circulaire

Architects: Collectif Zerm

Curator: Giovanna Massoni

Music Composition: Arnaud Pujol