Alexandre Humbert

Director / Conceptual Designer


Installation + Film
with Tali Kushnir
Jerusalem Design Week 2018

"100 years old" is an installation displaying the paradox of what is perceived as the "right" environment and lifestyle to help us achieve a century of life in health, and what based on recent researches is actually the environment that has allowed people of our time to age significantly more than others. All over the world, different communities with different heritage have managed to create a life that allowed them to age well over a hundred. Although these communities live far away from each other, they all share certain values and a lifestyle that apparently helped them flourish to this honorable age. In our project, these shared values become the guidelines for building "the perfect environment to become 100 years" through it we invite the public to contemplate on how we live today- is it possible that in spite of technology and health advances we are actually causing harm to our future wellbeing?


100 years old, a project by Tali Kushnir & Alexandre Humbert

film with Zehava Barash, 101.5 years old

This Project is a commissioned for the main exhibition of Jerusalem Design Week 2018 (7-15 June 2018) by curators Anat Safran & Tal Erez.